Darren Lee Miller

ARTE 4997 – Strange Encounters: Rethinking Place

This exhibition seminar, taught in February 2016 at the University of Puerto Rico, was open to all visual arts students working in any medium. During our class sessions, students were prompted to reflect upon their own art making — and to make new, experimental works — within the frameworks of ­­postcolonial theory and gender/queer theory. The thesis I proposed to the students was that the above-mentioned theoretical constructs found their intersections in how we use our bodies to “perform” ourselves, in the uncanniness of unequal power dynamics, in fanciful (re)contextualizations of ordinary objects, in re-presenting old allegories in the service of contemporary problems, in the border-defying effects of climate change, and in (re)cognizing hierarchies of race, class, nationality, ethnicity, gender, and sex.