Darren Lee Miller

ART271 – Photography 2

This class will reinforce and expand upon what you learned in Photography One. We will pick up where you left off and you are expected to be proficient with the basics. Photography Two emphasizes deeper knowledge and control of materials in service of helping you to express your ideas. In keeping with the goals of an engaged liberal arts education, we will view photography through the lenses of both visual culture and the fine/applied arts. This is an intermediate survey-style class, which means we will cover a variety of materials and ideas without lingering too long in any one area; however, responsibility for understanding and assimilating various processes and ideas is up to you. You will be expected to make high quality work throughout the semester.

Course Objectives:
•Expand upon Technical Basics – make informed decisions about materials and process
•Get Control of the Materials – achieve predictably good results
•Make Thoughtful Work – develop your vision, your ideas, your style
•Articulate your work – learn to make visual choices that support your ideas
•Make effective use of Historical and Theoretical Contexts – clearly understand where your influences are coming from and learn where to look for additional inspiration